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Max the cat saying Goodbye, Max belongs to another family but chooses to visit permanently.

Ok so Normans luggage was lost for 3 days, and he had to compromise and wear one of my hats. I assured him no one will ever know, after all we dont know anyone here?

Got a new Hat Time for a snooze on the big Bus for the fourth time around. So Cool

Saturday well we leave today for the UK Normans bag arrived 3am this morning just in time to head back to the airport and on to London praying that both our bags will follow.

Are you sure this looks OK? Carol

A Great trip to Dorchester Abbey and the small cottage next door, although we did not visit the small cottage it made a great photo. One of the Midsomer Murders episodes was filmed in the museum of Dorchester Abbey.


We were able to visit the Tower of London which is hosting a comemorative display of 888,246 ceramic poppies, each of which represents one Commonwealth member of the armed forces who have died in the past 100 years.


As we wandered the country visiting friends we have been blessed by beautiful weather, which we hope will continue as we move North to Scotland in the coming week.


After leaving London we travelled to Derby where we met up with one of Norman's cousins who he had not seen for 40 years.  Enjoyed wandering the Derbyshire Dales, including a stroll on an old Roman Road.
Then on to Scotland.  The first couple of days were great with good weather and the opportunity to take some good photos of the Autumn colourings.  Then the clouds came down and we have had some rain which has not stopped us wandering into the local Highlands, including the main ski area in Scotland.  A little snow around but quite cooool.
As we have driven around the highlands we have really enjoyed the variety of scenery on the Scottish Moors with some wonderful colours all around us.
The lodge we are staying at overlooks one of the many Scottish Lochs and is very homely, with good heating which has been important as the temperature has not risen above 10 degrees since we arrived.
In spite of the weather we have managed to get a few good photos, which is important !!!!
We leave Scotland on Friday and make our way to York.

Our wander South was uneventful though traffic in the UK  seems never ending.  We travelled the length of one highway, the A68 which was like a switchback through rolling hills, starting with rain but finishing in more pleasant weather.  Stayed with friends just outside York who we had not seen for 10 years.  Enjoyed a visit to Fountains Abbey built in the 1100's and now one of the finest remains in Europe.  Quite extensive and very impressive on a huge property now owned by the National Trust.  We had a relaxing Sunday, attending the church where David was pastor and where he preached a dynamic sermon, especially for us of course.  Had lunch at a local Toby's restaurant which we enjoyed.

Monday we headed South again into Norfolk, with much more pleasant weather, but still cool. Top temperature for our last few weeks has been 11 degrees.  Visited an old school friend for lunch who I had not seen since 1955.  Great to catch up.  We always stay with friends in Norfolk who generously take us around to see something different every visit.  This visit is no exception and we visited the Great Yarmouth cathedral, which was most interesting, and a local seaside town with a one mile promenade, which we walked in a rather cool breeze. It was interesting to see local fishermen fishing off the beach in wet weather gear.  A visit to a local glass factory which was really interesting topped off the visits in the area.

Back to my sister near High Wycombe for the weekend then leave for our return flights on Monday, via Singapore for a couple of days.  Back on Friday.


Woodpecker Amazing

Local Fisherman on a beach. Yes we found a beach